Month: June 2021


Dog Waste Bags

Don’t put your dog poo in plastic.

Compostable bags allow you to sustainably and responsibly dispose of dog waste.

Not just for pet stores, our eco-friendly dog poo bags are available in a handy countertop dispenser box perfect for placing beside a till in coffee shops, hardware stores, or anywhere that an environmentally-responsible dog owner might visit.


Food Storage

Not only have we developed the perfect way to get rid of food waste, but we also have the ideal container for you to store food in too.

BioBag food and freezer bags are a truly innovative product. Transparent, with easy-to-tie fastenings, they protect food and liquids from freezer burn and are completely compostable in an organic waste collection.


Food Waste Bags

There’s nothing worse than washing away bits of food waste after it’s been stuck to the bottom of your compost bin.

Keep your bins clean, by bagging your food scraps. We make a range of sizes from small bags to line a kitchen compost caddy to large liners for wheelie bins.

Simply pop your full BioBag straight into the compost bin as our bags are fully compostable and biodegradable in both home composters as well as waste collections. Our certifications mean that we are suitable for use in every organic waste collection in the UK.


In Store Use

BioBag works wonders in the food service industry and shows your customers that you care about reducing plastic packaging in your business. For supermarkets and grocery stores, our compostable & biodegradable produce bags are the perfect replacement for fruit and veg plastic bags.

Customers want to buy loose fruit and veg, reducing unnecessary plastic packaging. When they get home they can easily toss the scraps out in the bag they got from your shop!

Replace paper and plastic ‘not for sale’ consumables with BioBag in your store.